My Style

For last night’s photo gallery, I chose 4 photos that were representations of all the things that my eyes are attracted to. They all tell a different story to me personally, whether it be a connection I have to something I love, something that represents my past, or something that relates to what I’d like to invest my future in. My style varies because I have multiple aspects in life that draw my attention. My main focus with this show was to really represent how my styles vary, to be my own. There are many different uses of lines and textures all telling their own story. To me, these are good photographs because they are good quality and they are real, they are who I am as a photographer. I am immensely satisfied with my photos and I’m glad I made the choices I did, the only thing I would have done different would be to add a photo of something out of nature, like flowers, mountains, trees, things of that sort. But overall I am very pleased with how my show turned out. As I said before, these photos all have a representation of who I am. My past, my passions, my endeavors.


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